Free Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke and Mirrors Keys!

Hey, there! Today we are giving away keys for the game. The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2. A little bit about this game is that this game is made by TellTale Games which are the same developers that made the interactive Walking Dead game series. The Wolf Among Us is a series about a bunch of fairy tales and urban myths coming true inside a deranged city. In the game The Wolf Among Us you play as the character, Bigby Wolf during this adventure you explore a fictional city where there are hundreds of different ways you can play. While you explore the city you solving many crimes and problems presented by the fairy tale citizens of the city. If you enjoyed the first episode you will definitely enjoy the second episode. So as you can see that this game is worth spending time on, now you can get the game free by clicking the download button below.


We realize that some people don't have all the money in the world to buy video games, so that's why we are deciding to give back to the community by giving away free The Wolf Among Us keys for steam.





1. Click Download


2. Open the password file.


3. Copy and Paste a key into steam


4. Profit

Click the download button for your keys!